Monday, August 18, 2008

More Traffic to Make More Money With Your Blog

Many people blog, and most people want to make money. Why not combine the two and make money with your blog? Learn how to target your blog for the most traffic, and how to earn money from your visitors.

1  . Choose a niche, keyword or topic that you want your blog to be about. This should be something you enjoy and know a lot about. Use a keyword research tool such as Wordtracker to pick a keyword or keyword phrase to focus on. This keyword should have enough people searching for it each month to be profitable.

2  . Sign up for a blog at any blogging platform. There are two methods: get a free blog with a subdomain name, or purchase your own domain name and put the blog on your own hosting account. You can make money with either type of blog.

3  . Set up your blog. Pick an attractive template and add a header and description that includes your chosen keyword phrase.

4  . Begin posting. Make each post or article on your blog include the keyword phrase you chose. This targets the blog to searchers on search engines. This will increase traffic, and traffic is how you make money.

5  . Monetize your blog. Begin with a contextual advertising program such as Google Adsense. Put these ad blocks on your blog; sidebars and next to graphics are good location choices. You will earn whenever someone clicks on an ad.

6  .Monetize your blog. Another great way to make money with your blog is to use affiliate programs. Sign up to be an affiliate for a product that pertains to the topic of your blog and include links to the product. Write reviews, sales copy, and articles to encourage visitors to click and buy.

7. Get more traffic. The more people who come to your blog, the more money you will make. Submit your blog to directories, ping your blog, use social bookmarking, do article marketing, or comment on others' blogs and include a link back.

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