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Holi-The Festival of Colours

Holi, also called the Festival of Colours, is a popular Hindu spring festival observed in India, Nepal, Srilanka, and countries with large Hindu diaspora populations, such as Suriname, Guyana, South Africa, Trinidad, UK, USA, Mauritius, and Fiji. In West Bengal of India and Bangladesh it is known as Dolyatra (Doul Jatra) or Basanta-Utsav ("spring festival"). The most celebrated Holi is that of the Braj region, in locations connected to the god Krishna: Mathura, Vrindavan, Nandagaon, and Barsana. These places have become tourist destinations during the festive season of Holi, which lasts here to up to sixteen days [1].

The main day, Holi, also known as Dhulheti, Dhulandi or Dhulendi, is celebrated by people throwing colored powder and colored water at each other. Bonfires are lit the day before, also known as Holika Dahan (burning of Holika) or Chhoti Holi (little Holi). The bonfires are lit in memory of the miraculous escape that young Prahlad accomplished when Demoness Holik…

Online Business or Job

Online Business or JobIn simple way job or business done through the World Wide Web (WWW)/ Internet is simply known as Online Business or Online Job or Online Marketing.Now days there are different web sites which offer us to do this type of online work.Some of are paid websites and some of are free we have the choice according to our status.In paid websites we have to pay some money through (Pay Pal, Cheque, and Bank Transfer etc) to start work, according that they gave us different tips and works online. Which help us to earn extra money at extra time or part time.In free websites all things are free, for that we have to prove ourselves that we are able to do that works.Every person is not financially strong to paid money to get online job or most of them are not 100% sure that after paying we get some returning or not. Most of them search job for free. It is fact that these jobs can’t get easily but it is also fact that if we have knowledge in any field we can get it easily for tha…

Reserve Mortgage

Reserve Mortgage

A Reserve Mortgage is a secured overdraft facility on a Mortgage Current Account, where you borrow against the equity in your home. The Mortgage Current Account operates like a normal current account. You'll receive a chequebook, debit card and will also be able to set up standing orders and Direct Debits.

The amount of Mortgage Reserve that may be available for your use will be the difference between the outstanding balance on your Woolwich flexible mortgage at any particular point in time and up to a maximum loan-to-value of 90% on your property.

The loan-to-value on your property is the total amount outstanding on your mortgage loan at any particular point in time expressed as a percentage of the lower of the purchase price or our valuation of your property. For example, if the total mortgage loan is £80,000 and the lower of the purchase price or our valuation of your property is £100,000, the loan-to-value is 80%. In this instance, if 90% of the lower of the purc…