Online Business or Job

Online Business or Job

In simple way job or business done through the World Wide Web (WWW)/ Internet is simply known as Online Business or Online Job or Online Marketing.

Now days there are different web sites which offer us to do this type of online work.

Some of are paid websites and some of are free we have the choice according to our status.

In paid websites we have to pay some money through (Pay Pal, Cheque, and Bank Transfer etc) to start work, according that they gave us different tips and works online. Which help us to earn extra money at extra time or part time.

In free websites all things are free, for that we have to prove ourselves that we are able to do that works.

Every person is not financially strong to paid money to get online job or most of them are not 100% sure that after paying we get some returning or not. Most of them search job for free. It is fact that these jobs can’t get easily but it is also fact that if we have knowledge in any field we can get it easily for that first of all we have to prove our self.

There are different jobs which we can do online according our knowledge. Some of them are

  1. Software development
  2. Article Writing
  3. Medical Transcript
  4. Surveys
  5. Report Writing
  6. NEWS posting
  7. Unique Picture/Video Posting
  8. Designing(Interior , CAD,etc)
  9. Accounting
  10. Teaching

These above are not all but famous job which we can get online to earn extra money at extra time. Here are some free sites which offer us this types of jobs in free.


So friends go and try to get job online. Starting should be hard but we have to try our best.


Priti Jha


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