Wednesday, December 28, 2011

SuperPower: Visualising the internet

Top 100 Web Sites
Brand Category Unique_audience Total visits
Google Search/portal 349758716 8169550654
MSN/WindowsLive/Bing Search/portal 271929865 5669443547
Yahoo! Search/portal 233479611 4154504780
Microsoft Software 220410208 1457071144
Facebook Social network 218860914 4553369332
YouTube Video 203258182 1261959101
Wikipedia Reference 154174390 677773339
AOL  Search/portal 128146575 1798928826
eBay Retail 121740943 1136621952
Apple Computer 119232527 784462899
Amazon Retail 111945278 498783008
Blogger Blogging 110738193 509238135
Ask  Search/portal 100846108 471100728
Fox Interactive Media Media/news 92899123 623816316
Mozilla Software 67949332 164320932
Real Network Software 61513698 337871469
Adobe Software 53002496 98997677
About Reference 52543328 120546354
PayPal Financial 48552302 183121758
WordPress Blogging 48538401 131518828
Weather Channel  Weather 47048043 381890539
Glam Media Media/news 46723050 144259535
CNN  Media/news 44437129 315237473
Twitter Social network 42138681 260435459
Skype Voip 39220786 494959820
CBS Media/news 38520325 102607440
IMDb Reference 37717190 118408023
Wal-Mart  Retail 35538645 95283768
Craigslist Retail 35537183 276230288
BBC Media/news 35013985 313317910
Terra Portal 33824315 294547251
CNET Tech news 33647272 70218339
Orange Portal 31807197 504188450
Disney Online Portal 31394500 97511302
AT&T Portal 30219046 121777665
NetShelter Technology Tech news 29821347 80556448
Flickr Photo sharing  29549675 75195354
Picasa Photo sharing  29118829 146136670
Gorilla Nation Websites Commerce 29101945 81010902
WikiAnswers Reference 28825267 55624173
Orkut Social network 28419073 540847650
Chase Financial 28042086 155093978
UOL Portal 27726174 352124785
Bank of America Financial 27125408 170165875
eHow Reference 27053378 50414385
Livejasmin Adult  26761654 96824235
ESPN  Media/news  26609162 228211456
Zynga Gaming 25299710 358649577
Shopzilla Retail 25098444 41706202
Comcast Media/news  25051539 340120690
Videolan Software 24850138 199590815
Everyday Health Network Health  24555867 71384459
LinkedIn Social network 24389451 82906101
Expedia Travel 24143300 57417887
iG Financial 24084472 193112915
Target Retail 23366341 53819711
Dell Computer 23324607 93176142
Globo Media/news  23255841 281075741
Scripps Networks Digital Media/news 23138504 97937419
NYTimes Media/news 23004157 86938080
LimeWire File sharing  22713814 191014302
WebMD Health  22642174 50971280
FriendFinder Network Online dating  22603720 61860369 Retail 22504692 35849309
Nickelodeon Kids and Family Network Children 22409321 83215007
Classmates Online Social network 22199901 83568349
Netflix Video 22008309 106270947
Meebo Social network 21887117 86427247
Six Apart Blogging 21380991 77070983
Turner Sports & Entertainment Digital Network Media/news 21098211 70720772
Comcast  Media/news 20733129 58431587
Hewlett Packard Computer 20721035 49312762
NexTag  Retail 20661472 33065309
NBC Universal Media/news 20658373 61299754
Conduit Software 20610183 124096743
Verizon  Portal 20579538 137321487
TripAdvisor Travel 20548555 44345553
Best Buy Retail 20074265 45170125
Monster Recruitment 19416161 58285314
RTL Network Media/news 19290418 158214651
Priceline Network Retail 18956830 39405792
Experian Financial 18645754 32564123
Pornhub Adult  18511983 85677157
iVillage Portal 18347399 52984051
UPS Commerce 18220154 64947284
SuperPages Reference 18077680 35599994
Fox News Media/news 18061048 110993269
NFL  Sport 18060741 66811375
Dailymotion Video 17832095 42856313
T-Online Portal 17740389 254279320
Reed Business Information Network Media/news  17588470 31740628
Free Retail 17573040 126239473
Citibank Financial 17441648 68902194
Vistaprint Commerce 17426001 40076740
Sears Retail 17191100 33470558
Tribune Newspapers Media/news 17036257 59439576
Electronic Arts Online Gaming 16580304 158185607
Megaupload File storage 16395294 75813535
Vodafone Portal 16316860 82765976
Geeknet Forum 16270479 63750971

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

10 Most Dangerous Cities in the World in 2011 !!!

1. Bogota, Colombia

While security in Colombia has improved significantly in recent years, violence by narco-terrorist groups continues to affect some rural areas as well as the capital city, Bogota. In August 2010, a car bomb exploded outside the Caracol radio station in Bogota and in October, Colombian authorities claimed that they had foiled another car bomb attack directed at the National Administrative Center in Bogota. Some criminal organizations continue to kidnap and hold civilians for ransom or as political bargaining chips. The fact that Colombia has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world is quite enough for understanding how dangerous Botota is.
2. Ciudad Juárez, Mexico

Ciudad Juárez is one of the world’s fastest growing cities in spite of the fact that it has been called “the most violent zone in the world outside of declared war zones.” Unfortunately, it seems that crime is growing along with the city. There were around 1,400 murders in the city in 2008 and over 2,500 drug-related deaths over the same period in 2010. Public life is almost paralyzed out of fear of being hit by a stray bullet or kidnapped. Over the past 10 years Ciudad Juárez has seen more than 400 women fall victims to sexual homicides.
3. St. Louis, Missouri

According to a latest study analyzing cities based on their FBI statistics for murder, rape, robbery, and assault, St. Louis top the list of the most dangerous city in America, beating Camden, Detroit and New Orleans, last year’s most dangerous cities. After first being pronaunced ‘America’s Most Dangerous City’ in 2006 and coming in second place in 2009, St. Louis has once again reached the top. St. Louis had 2,070.1 violent crimes per 100,000 residents, compared with a national average of 429.4. Overall, east St. Louis city is the area of nearly 65% of the crime.
4. Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Despite the governmental changes that occurred in 2004, Port-au-Prince, the capital and largest city of Haiti, still regularly sees violent outbreaks and demonstrations. There is no real police force that keeps the violence under control in the city and the entire country and many towns in Haiti are literally controlled by criminals. Furthermore, while a U.N. force has provided assistance to police in the country since 2004, their presence does not guarantee absolute security for visitors or residents. Haiti is among the four most important countries for drug transit to the U.S. Kidnapping, murders, death threats, drug-related shootouts, car-jacking, armed robberies and home break-ins are common in Port-au-Prince.
5. Mogadishu, Somalia

In August and September of 2010, terrorists launched a military offensive attack against the Transitional Federal Government and African Union. In August, a roadside bomb exploded and damaged three civilian minibuses killing nine people and wounding 25, and in September, two suicide bombers killed themselves in an attack on Mogadishu airport. Murder, kidnapping, illegal roadblocks, banditry, and other violent incidents and threats to American citizens and other foreigners can occur in Mogadishu, as well as in any region of Somalia. Unpredictable armed conflicts among rival militias are prevalent in and around the city. Terrorist attacks, cross-border warring and brutal, violent street crime wrack the country on a daily basis.
6. Caracas, Venezuela

In our previously published article we have listed Caracas among the 10 most dangerous cities in the world in 2010. Well, it keeps its place on the list in 2011. The murder rate in the capital of Venezuela is said to be among the highest in the world, with much of that violence being related to drug trafficking and resulting from the fact that the country is located between the U.S. and Columbia. Armed robberies are common in the city, even in areas presumed safe and visited by tourists. Express kidnappings, in which victims are seized in an attempt to get quick cash in exchange for their release, are a problem. Even worse, police investigations into kidnappings have revealed that police officers are often involved. Crime is even rampant at the airport, which itself is said to be rife with corruption. And of course, pickpockets, hotel thieves, scammers and grifters abound.
7. Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea

Crime is a serious concern throughout Port Moresby, capital and largest city of Papua New Guinea. If you decide to travel there, you are at a greater risk of violent crimes such as rape and robbery. Also, carjackings, stoning of vehicles, pickpockets, armed robberies are problems in and around the city. Visiting unguarded public sites such as golf courses, beaches, parks or cemeteries can be dangerous for visitors. Even public transportation is dangerous, making car rental the safest way to get around the country. Beside the criminal, Papua New Guinea is in an active seismic zone: tsunamis, earthquakes and landslides can occur.
8. Grozny, Chechnya, Russia

In 2003 the UN called Grozny the ‘Most Destroyed City on Earth.’ The city has undergone very destructive warfare since the 1990s, when the Russian army demolished much of the city. Gangsters, mob and corruption create problems for little remaining authority. Organized Crime is rampant. Political and criminal murder, as well as rape rates, are very high and kidnappings are a serious issue. Some destroyed buildings are being rebuilt, but many continue to live without electricity or water. Many Chechens have fled to places like Dagestan or Azerbaijan, as their native country is not safe.
9. Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

If you decide to travel to the Dominican Republic this year, you should strongly consider leaving valuable property at home. Crime continues to be a big problem throughout the Dominican Republic. While mugging and pick pocketing are the most common crimes against tourists, reports of violence against both locals and foreigners are growing and reports of car theft have increased. Also, demonstrations, protests and general strikes occur periodically. Although political demonstrations don’t generally occur in areas frequented by tourists and are generally not targeted at foreigners, it is advisable to exercise caution when traveling throughout the country.
10. Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, Pakistan

Although it is considered a “paradise on earth,” primarily known for its captivating beauty serene lakes, dazzling rivers and splendid gardens, Kashmir is thought by many academics to be the place where the next nuclear holocaust will occur. The region is divided among 3 countries (India, Pakistan and China) in a territorial dispute. These 3 countries are Nuclear armed states, and the tension in Kashmir has resulted in nuclear brinkmanship between Pakistan and India on several occasions. Rallies, demonstrations, and processions occur regularly throughout Pakistan on very short notice. Organised crime in Pakistan include drug trafficking, forged Indian currency printing, extortion, murder for hire and fraud. Furthermore, other criminal operations engage in human trafficking, black marketeering, corruption, political violence, abduction, terrorism etc.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Miss Nepal 2011 Malina Joshi

Miss Nepal 2011:- Malina Joshi Congratulation to you

Malina Joshi, 23, was crowned the Lux Hidden Treasure Miss Nepal 2011 amid a special function organised at Tribhuvan Army Club in the Capital on Tuesday. Malina (Contestant no 7), an origin of Sunsari district, is an MBA graduate.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Hindu Temple In Africa

This Hindu Temple located at Accra in Ghana is not one founded by Hindus from India but by indigenous Africans. Ghana's first indigenous African Hindu Temple was established by Swami Ghanananda Saraswati. Swami Ghanananda was born in a village in Ghana. It was his quest to find answers to mysteries of nature and life that brought him closer to Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism).

Today, the Hindu Temple at Ghana serves more than fifty families who practice Hinduism along with native Ghanaian faith and Christianity.

As Hinduism is not a missionary religion there is no conversion and people of all faith come to the temple to find peace and solace. Attracted by the teachings of Hindu religion, now many people have not adopted it as their main faith.

Today, there are more than 2000 indigenous African Hindus in Ghana. Apart from this there are Hindus from India, especially Sindhis. There is also a Sindhi Temple in Ghana which was established in 1940s.

BBC reports about this unique Hindu temple in Ghana

The devotees here have no links with India and have never visited the country. Still they strictly follow religious rules and observe rituals in traditional Hindu way.

They say they have all converted to Hinduism but many still use their Christian names and African surnames.

However, they give their young ones Hindu names like Rama or Krishna.

Come evening and the devotees gather in the temple hall for evening prayer rituals. Holy offerings to the gods are distributed after prayers.
In the temple, Diyas or little lamps are lit in obeisance to the gods. Surprisingly, there is even a picture of Jesus Christ amid the idols of Hindu deities.

Swami Ghanananda Saraswati, the man who established Ghana's first African Hindu Monastery in 1975, oversees the prayers sitting in a high chair.

"I was born in a village nearby into a native Ghanaian faith," he says.

But his parents converted to Christianity. "From a very early age I would think about the mysteries of the universe and try to find the answers in religious texts. But I failed," Swami Ghanananda says.

Then he read some books on Hindu faith and embarked upon a new journey which took him to Rishikesh in north India.

He spent some time there with a spiritual guru who suggested him to open the monastery in Accra.

Ask Swami Ghanananda his original name and the reply comes promptly: "My real name is Guide!"

"We don't ask anyone to convert to Hinduism. Those who seek the truth enquire about the Hindu monastery. We write articles in newspapers before we observe big Hindu festivals like Navaratri or Dipawali," says DG Otchere, manager of the temple.
From BBC News

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Country Uses the Internet the Most

Internet is the service which is used among most of the people as it provides them with different benefits and services through which the user can carry out certain functions. There are different countries which are identified to be using the most of the internet. In most of the situations, the internet is mostly used by the people of the China and there each and every activity is carried out over the interest. The development of the population with the passage of time in a specific country allows them to make use of the internet or other applications. The presence of the people or the entire population in the country plays an important role in different activities.

China is the largest country that is using the internet on greater scale as it tends to have greater amount of population as well. People living in chine tend to spend much of their time over the internet as they are carrying our different activities over the internet. China is the leader of the internet from about 3-4 years. A lot of time is being spent by China over the internet but on estimation about 2 billion of the time is spent by the user over the internet.

However the average rate which is identified to be spent by the people of china over the internet is about 40 hours approximately a month. They are the people who are always over the web and even the United Kingdom is the country which also uses the internet on larger scale too. Other than this the United States is the next country, at number two, which is also using internet the most. On the whole in most of the Asian countries, internet is being used the most by the people.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Do not post them online

Of course you loved to stay online, but focus on the fact that you do not always reveal everything online. Here are some things that are good at keeping quiet.

Photo & Video
Can be excited that you have ever posted online, see later years, to bother you. Any thing you have posted online, do not delete it entirely. Note that he never exposed to such things, which you Coligs, parents or other people want to hide.

Phone Number
Your phone number, address and such other things not public. Of course, if you think that these things only in your friend circle and they will know that your strong faith. That belief can become a problem. Similarly, do not give your address for a lucky draw, you know, when it becomes unlucky.

Abuse post
Can be your teacher, friend or boss, Anything you do not like about them, then do not comment about it on the net. Maybe this comment to a way to reach them. May have an impact on your promotions and Increment. The code - from Word to Avoid to comments.

Bank Details
Your bank account numbers or ATM PIN number not take the risk of such things. Peyment the online bill has to do with the security. If an emergency, you do not risk it. If you have nothing to say about it, then give him the information. Also you can avoid to give details of many other things, like go out somewhere, etc..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Truth Of One Minute In Internet

Truth Of One Minute In Internet

Even if you pinch a minute passes, but on the Internet is so much in a minute, the information you will be surprised:

Even if you do not have a value of one minute, but the Internet is important in a minute. Here is what to do with not going for a minute, knowing you will be surprised. Last week, a website connected to one minute in the world of the Internet has many interesting figures.

One minute you chat with your friend by saying I say howdy, just a minute while 7 million queries on Google are asked. Moreover, this very minute are transferred to the 1 billion 68 million emails. Moreover, it also shows a second Twitter craze. Find an idea from the fact that Twitter has become Tvits 98 thousand a minute. Explains the popularity of Apple Smartfons will take you to the fact that only 13 thousand fans in a minute do I download Phone App.

Significantly increases the popularity of Facebook in a minute. Rs 5 lakh 10 thousand comments on it in a minute are publishing. Free voice calls over the Internet service provider websites Skaipi 3 million in a minute is 70-minute conversation. Obviously, these popular websites by using the Internet is also becoming increasingly popular. Which is why, according to data released this March 31, the number of Internet users to 2 billion has 9 million.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nepali Celibreties

Namrata Shrestha (born 14 June 1985) is a Nepali model, RJ, presenter and actress.
She is an actress known for her role in the romantic film Sano Sansar released in 2008 and her appearance in music videos. Before embarking on her acting career, she was involved in theater acts and modeling. She has also appeared on the cover of Wave Magazine,VOW Magazine,Navyaata and other magazines. The Kathmandu Post, on its edition of February 21, 2005 mentioned Namrata as one of the top 5 models in Nepal.

Namrata: Profile

Name Namrata Shrestha
Nick Name Neroo
Birthdate 14 June
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Education +2
Vital Stats 32' 24' 34'
Height 156 cm
Weight 42
Skin Color Fair
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status Single
Modeling started
Hobbies &
Dancing, Singing
Your biggest

Thursday, June 30, 2011

World's longest sea bridge opens in east China

World's longest sea bridge opens in east China

China inaugurated the world's longest cross-sea bridge on Thursday as part of its effort to boost economic integration and development in the Yangtze River Delta.

Hundreds of people attended the opening ceremony for the 36-kilometer bridge spanning Hangzhou Bay near Shanghai on Thursday afternoon. It was held in the middle of the bridge.

Zhao Hongzhu, secretary of the Zhejiang Provincial Committee of the Communist Party of China, declared the opening of the bridge at 3:40 p.m., followed by ceremonial fireworks.

Tens of thousands of local residents gathered on both banks of the bay, many of whom performed dragon dances in traditional costume to celebrate the span's opening.

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