Monday, July 18, 2011

Do not post them online

Of course you loved to stay online, but focus on the fact that you do not always reveal everything online. Here are some things that are good at keeping quiet.

Photo & Video
Can be excited that you have ever posted online, see later years, to bother you. Any thing you have posted online, do not delete it entirely. Note that he never exposed to such things, which you Coligs, parents or other people want to hide.

Phone Number
Your phone number, address and such other things not public. Of course, if you think that these things only in your friend circle and they will know that your strong faith. That belief can become a problem. Similarly, do not give your address for a lucky draw, you know, when it becomes unlucky.

Abuse post
Can be your teacher, friend or boss, Anything you do not like about them, then do not comment about it on the net. Maybe this comment to a way to reach them. May have an impact on your promotions and Increment. The code - from Word to Avoid to comments.

Bank Details
Your bank account numbers or ATM PIN number not take the risk of such things. Peyment the online bill has to do with the security. If an emergency, you do not risk it. If you have nothing to say about it, then give him the information. Also you can avoid to give details of many other things, like go out somewhere, etc..

Friday, July 15, 2011

Truth Of One Minute In Internet

Truth Of One Minute In Internet

Even if you pinch a minute passes, but on the Internet is so much in a minute, the information you will be surprised:

Even if you do not have a value of one minute, but the Internet is important in a minute. Here is what to do with not going for a minute, knowing you will be surprised. Last week, a website connected to one minute in the world of the Internet has many interesting figures.

One minute you chat with your friend by saying I say howdy, just a minute while 7 million queries on Google are asked. Moreover, this very minute are transferred to the 1 billion 68 million emails. Moreover, it also shows a second Twitter craze. Find an idea from the fact that Twitter has become Tvits 98 thousand a minute. Explains the popularity of Apple Smartfons will take you to the fact that only 13 thousand fans in a minute do I download Phone App.

Significantly increases the popularity of Facebook in a minute. Rs 5 lakh 10 thousand comments on it in a minute are publishing. Free voice calls over the Internet service provider websites Skaipi 3 million in a minute is 70-minute conversation. Obviously, these popular websites by using the Internet is also becoming increasingly popular. Which is why, according to data released this March 31, the number of Internet users to 2 billion has 9 million.

Monday, July 4, 2011

Nepali Celibreties

Namrata Shrestha (born 14 June 1985) is a Nepali model, RJ, presenter and actress.
She is an actress known for her role in the romantic film Sano Sansar released in 2008 and her appearance in music videos. Before embarking on her acting career, she was involved in theater acts and modeling. She has also appeared on the cover of Wave Magazine,VOW Magazine,Navyaata and other magazines. The Kathmandu Post, on its edition of February 21, 2005 mentioned Namrata as one of the top 5 models in Nepal.

Namrata: Profile

Name Namrata Shrestha
Nick Name Neroo
Birthdate 14 June
Zodiac Sign Gemini
Education +2
Vital Stats 32' 24' 34'
Height 156 cm
Weight 42
Skin Color Fair
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Brown
Marital Status Single
Modeling started
Hobbies &
Dancing, Singing
Your biggest

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