Country Uses the Internet the Most

Internet is the service which is used among most of the people as it provides them with different benefits and services through which the user can carry out certain functions. There are different countries which are identified to be using the most of the internet. In most of the situations, the internet is mostly used by the people of the China and there each and every activity is carried out over the interest. The development of the population with the passage of time in a specific country allows them to make use of the internet or other applications. The presence of the people or the entire population in the country plays an important role in different activities.

China is the largest country that is using the internet on greater scale as it tends to have greater amount of population as well. People living in chine tend to spend much of their time over the internet as they are carrying our different activities over the internet. China is the leader of the internet from about 3-4 years. A lot of time is being spent by China over the internet but on estimation about 2 billion of the time is spent by the user over the internet.

However the average rate which is identified to be spent by the people of china over the internet is about 40 hours approximately a month. They are the people who are always over the web and even the United Kingdom is the country which also uses the internet on larger scale too. Other than this the United States is the next country, at number two, which is also using internet the most. On the whole in most of the Asian countries, internet is being used the most by the people.


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